The CRU Hack

What a mess. It was no doubt inevitable that this would happen on the “eve” of the Copenhagen conference. The stakes are so much higher than prior examples, like the tobacco industry, and the tactics have been refined over the years. The fine art of disinformation.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. And here’s why: we are fucked six ways to Sunday regardless of what is going to be agreed in Copenhagen. That might even be true if Copenhagen were to mark a significant turning point in our attitude, but lets not kid ourselves – it isn’t. Copenhagen is going to be another compromise, another half-hearted attempted to appear to be doing the right things, all while maintaining the latitude to carry on raping the planet.

The horrible truth is that we, humanity, are a scourge on this world. We are the parasite killing the host. The plague ravaging the corpse. We have met the enemy. And it is us.

2 thoughts on “The CRU Hack

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