You see teeth? Seek help!


6 thoughts on “Vertiginous

  1. Er, no. You’re both crazy.

    Now i’m really wondering if the new zealand national obsession is vagina dentata! If it isn’t… perhaps it should be?

  2. It most definitely is an Antiposturean thing (southern hemisphere scoliosis)…they’re all the bummers of blackguard sheep-bummers, of course, so they think of nothing else!

    This though, yes, this could be the Riddler’s staircase or some obsessed architect’s umbrella nightmare. Maybe the roof is one of those newfangled canopiable bumpershoots.

    But if this makes you dizzy let me comment on your last five posts, content aside, they are visually stunning and excellently laid out. Though I will say, more vending machines please.

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