October Diving

The weather this autumn just hasn’t been diver friendly – my favoured diving spot seems to have been closed far to many days; big storms sitting of the coast; typhoons making landfall in honshu in October… When it wasn’t closed the conditions haven’t been great. What a mess. Last month saw me taking Matt diving on a Saturday, and at Futo Yokobama. For the love of Gub!

This month there were a couple of likely looking windows in the weather, so on short notice we went off to IOP to play in the surf. Was really nice to be back. Futo really doesn’t do it for me  – the whole experience is so different. IOP is relaxed and scenic… and that’s just out of the water. In the water it’s all drama and mystery. I’ve been diving there for years and never get bored with the place. All the variety and complexity in the rocks, the big drop offs, walls… ah, still so in love. But a cruel mistress – there hasn’t really been a proper day of summer diving, with blazing blue skies, clear still water, and  that heat in the shallows where the water has been wallowing, soaking up the sun. Still, there is always next year.

Next month i’m off to Australia to dive on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the time of year when the visibility is supposed to be spectacular. I’m expecting to be blown away… hope it doesn’t disappoint. Don’t think i’ll manage to fit in another dive before that adventure, but if the weather improves… maybe.