September Diving

Cut it a little fine this month and almost ran out of days for diving. This forced a rather unusual Saturday dive. It has been a long time, and it makes for a very short weekend…

A week, or so, ago Matt and I were all set up to dive at IOP (my usual spot), but a typhoon was sitting of the coast churning things up. Nothing had really changed a week later, and we ended up diving at Yokobama. As all the other dive sites were either closed or posting warnings about the swell / currents, the place was packed. It has never been my favourite place to dive – the facilities are dilapidated, it’s badly laid out, and the actual diving is mostly uninteresting. It’s the last part that is the biggest strike against the place. It gets so much traffic, and so many people start diving there, that pretty much everything is degraded and / or scared away. Still, it’s the most sheltered local point, so eventually you end up having to dive there if the weather refuses to co-operate.

Apart from all of that, it was fun watching Matt cope with having to dive in a wetsuit.  If you’ve only ever dived in water that is warm enough to cook an egg, these northern latitudes must seem like a very odd place to get into diving. The water is warm enough (24ºC is toasty for up here, but still cool enough to make shorts and a t-shirt not an option) it’s a long way from the clear blue water of the tropics. A depression offshore had stirred up enough gunk to make it relatively dim and vaguely green. All in all, not a particularly auspicious introduction to diving in Izu.

Hopefully next month we’ll dive IOP and it’ll be more obvious why i’m such an addict.

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