No Wonder

As previously noted, i’ve been feeling more alert and generally ‘with it’ since changing my diet.

According to this piece of research it’s not really surprising:

Short-term memory getting worse? Exercise getting harder? Examine your diet. New research published online in The FASEB Journal ( showed that in less than 10 days of eating a high-fat diet, rats had a decreased ability to exercise and experienced significant short-term memory loss. These results show an important link between what we eat, how we think, and how our bodies perform.

Admittedly it doesn’t have anything to say about what happens when you reverse the trend, and i doubt my prior diet was actually high fat… but still, the logical conclusion is that a plant based diet, with very little calories from fat / oil is a good idea. Marvelous.

Oh, and i’m still feel much healthier / perkier for having made this change. Unfortunately it doesn’t do anything to make summer more bearable.


I’ve “invented” a new dish using クウシンサイ that is completely rocking my palette after 5 weeks of behaving well, and eating extremely simply. In essence it is:

Chop the garlic, chillis, 豆豉, grate the ginger, put in a small bowl. Add the 紹興酒, thai fish sauce, 豆板醤, and let it steep. Wash and cut the クウシンサイ, throw it in a wok / frying pan, stems first, then the leaves. Went they are all wilted, add the sauce. Let it cook for a few minutes on a high heat. Take it off the heat, add a small amount of cornstarch / 片栗粉, let the sauce thicken, and then eat it with black sesame seeds over the top.

Mind blowingly good after weeks of lettuce.

Getting Wide

Haven’t made much of an effort to think about composition ideas yet, these are just to check out the camera and start to get a feel for it – basically shooting as i normally would, ignoring the meter and hoping for the best!

Developing a roll of 36 exposures of 35mm turned our to be much harder than i was expecting. On a roll of 20 shots i lost 7 to the rage.

On the Corner

Yes, that corner (again).

A few weeks ago i had another one of those ‘Shooting with Sean‘ things, were it feels like everything came together just as i wanted, all the little fuck ups turned into ‘beautiful accidents’, the people stood where they were supposed to be, the light was just right for my metering. In a word: golden!

I love the rain.