A Style… Who Knew?

Yesterday, while pulling together a bunch of shots for a prospective show / gallery exhibition, i had a something of a revelation. It would appear that i’ve developed quite a distinctive style of photography… or actually, a couple of different styles, that are more or less apparent depending on theme.

You’d imagine that this would be hard realisation to arrive at with any element of surprise. However, one of the side-effects of uploading stuff, in a general haphazard fashion, both here and at Flickr, is that it’s easy to lose track of the threads that run through things.

This doesn’t seem like anything to get upset about, after all, it was a nice moment of, “oh! that’s all come together rather better than i expected!” And, i’ve long acknowledged a begrudging respect for those who can maintain a single minded focus in their artistic endeavours (at the same time as enjoying rolling around in my own little puddle of chaos…)

If i’m honest with myself, i guess i’ve been more focused than it appears (not that you’d guess from the mess that you see on flickr…), and been quietly plugging away at a couple of themes for most of this year. It comes and goes, of course, but that’s the way it has to be. This is a hobby not a work assignment. When i enjoy it, it’s great. When i don’t, it’s not the end of the world… although it sometimes feels like it!

It’s also worth acknowledging that limiting choices, in terms of, film, development process, lenses, etc. seems to have as much to do with developing a sense of style, as the actual approach you take to the setting up and capturing the shot. It’s harder to realise this until you stick with a certain combination for a period of time, but it’s certainly there and part of the deal.


Wise words...

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