Labour of Love

This shot has been something of a challenge. It has taken several attempts to get this far, and although it has something of an enigmatic quality to it, it isn’t yet the shot that i want it to be.

The statue is no more than 10cm tall and is recessed in an alcove (god in an alcove!) at the base of another statue. What i really need is a longer lens, so that i can get the shot using extension tubes, but still get enough light to shoot it at f/22 / or, even better, f/32… off a tripod. All very tricky… but eventually worth it i hope. A real natural light challenge.


5 thoughts on “Labour of Love

  1. Sounds like this is a backwards way of asking me for the 150mm 😉 No worries. I’m busy using the 50 at the moment anyway. Texture is excellent at the front. Don’t look like an easy thing to shoot.

    • hehe, i was actually angling for a eiichi-san’s 120 makro-planar… but now you mention it, yeah, that would work! thanks 🙂

      this is out at the temple in nezu. let me know if you fancy another trip out there.

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