Complicitous Silence

I’m liking Gillian Tett’s writing in the FT. She references a phenomenon that i’ve touched on here several times: the ability to give advice that needs to be headed much closer to home. This feels pretty insightful:

Three decades ago, Pierre Bourdieu, a French sociologist, observed that elites in a society typically maintain their power not simply by controlling the means of production (ie money), but by dominating the cultural discourse too (ie a society’s intellectual map). And what is most important in relation to that cognitive map is not what is overtly stated and discussed – but what is left unstated, or ignored. Or as he wrote: “The most successful ideological effects are those which have no need of words, and ask no more than a complicitous silence.”

Eliminate financial double-think, Gillian Tett,

Not much point in following the rules if you feel that you’re in a position to change then whenever it suits…

The point that Tett makes so well is that the dysfunction of the system now looks so obvious that it seems impossible that these fools believed their own hype.