August (but not august) Diving

Failed, yet again, to dive two days in a row. Partly psychological, and partly a feeling that my eardrum still isn’t quite right. It has been slowly getting better, but some days, especially when i have slept that well, it just doesn’t seem like a great idea to push my luck – the last thing i want is to put another hole in it, and end up being unable to dive again.

Ended up at a BBQ after diving, getting drunk, and stumbling home (not easy with 25kg of wet diving gear) sometime after midnight. There is something… melancholic about riding on the shinkansen, coming into Tokyo late at night. Most definitely not a party train…

Summer has bought blue to the water… and someone has planted trees on the sands. Makes for a somewhat surreal view.


One day i’m going to get a real housing and strobe. Do this properly. Broke another diffuser this time and will have to see about replacing it. Hope it can be replaced without buying another housing… might end up tempted.

Wise words...

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