For years and years hard disks have been labelled with “S.M.A.R.T. enabled” and yet no O/S that i know of reports this stuff in a meaningful way.

Yes, yes, I know, most disk failures happen due to catastrophic hardware failure (hardly surprising if you think about what we do to disks, the conditions they operate in, lack of environmental control, etc). Still, if just one time in ten a disk can tell me that it’s in the process of dying, it might save me some hassle.

Consequently i’m now running SMART Reporter on my work machine. It’s unobtrusive, tiny in memory, and free… a combination that’s hard to beat. It’s set up to send me mail if it notices anything odd happening on any of the disks.

All of which makes me wonder why OS X doesn’t automatically do this? Surely it would be a simple thing to have as part of the system – after all, SMART Reporter is reliant on systems calls that Apple provides to get the status codes off the drives…


5 thoughts on “S.M.A.R.T

    • Would imagine there will be a whole slew of freeware Windows utilities out there… difficult part is always picking one 🙂

    • Be interesting to see if one of us eventually gets a warning before a crash.

      This last one that i’ve lost had always seemed ‘flakey’, in that it didn’t always spin when i’d open an app that wanted something off it… Obvious now, but it was an intermittent problem, and i put it down to the vagaries of computing.

  1. After the fact, i went and did a little log spelunking, looking for any S.M.A.R.T. output… didn’t find anything. Highly likely that i don’t know what i’m looking for… but i did at least find the point at which teh fsevents daemon shat itself trying to repair the volume.

    It seems really odd / off to me that S.M.A.R.T output doesn’t make it into the system.log. Perhaps i’m just looking in the wrong place, but a web search isn’t revealing any answers. Hmm.

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