4 thoughts on “Eeeeeeek!

  1. hmm. Interesting. No doubt I’ll be right in the middle of it and likely a victim but it will still be interesting to see what happens.

  2. A fine looking blog, Jon!

    What fascinates me is how much Americans like to talk about the terrible situation that Japan is in post-“Lehman Shock” (as the 日本人 call it).

    The first guy does not sound very persuasive at all and speaks as if everything runs on the U.S. model here (as the 2nd guy implies when he slaps him down with the comment along the lines of “the least interesting thing to me about Japan over the next several years is how they will handle their debt”).

    The 3 of them would be much better off turning around and looking out the window behind them and discovering what kind of horrendous shape the U.S. economy is in and discussing why it is that Americans have so much consumer debt while Japanese people have so much savings.

    I think it just makes them feel good to think that another country might be worse off, but it’s apples vs. oranges so they may as well be talking about Obama’s choice of neckties or something else completely irrelevant.

    (what version of WP is this? I have no trouble embedding YouTube or Yahoo videos in mine but do need to use a plugin to embed my own videos)

    • Hello Laura – thanks for dropping by!

      The US / Japan relationship is indeed very strange. When times are good in Japan the USians spend huge amounts of time fretting about what they need to learn to emulate the success. When the inverse situation occurs, the US-ians seems to greatly enjoy telling the Japanese what they are doing wrong… and the Japanese fret about how they can postpone change / maintain their current system.

      At the moment, while Japan is in a protracted 20 year slump, and the US is just getting started on a new generational depression, there is lots of back and forth about what the other is doing wrong. The FT quoted Hatoyama the other day condeming “US-led market fundamentalism” and vowing to “shield his nation from the effects of untrammelled globalisation.”

      I’m rather expecting that DPJ will attempt to re-set the relationship with the US such that Japan is more involved in Asia, and less of an American outpost in the east… interesting times, etc.

      (This is the wordpress.com version… whatever that is. I can embed YouTube, and a few other known types of video, with the plugins that are provided, but a plain <object> tag seems to be a non-starter. I really need to find a place to run my own WP install… but it’s not a priority at the moment – at 50 visitors a day, i’m no power blogger 🙂 )

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