On the Corner

Yes, that corner (again).

A few weeks ago i had another one of those ‘Shooting with Sean‘ things, were it feels like everything came together just as i wanted, all the little fuck ups turned into ‘beautiful accidents’, the people stood where they were supposed to be, the light was just right for my metering. In a word: golden!

I love the rain.

4 thoughts on “On the Corner

  1. Woooow. That’s a pretty shot. The light/dark balance is assisted, I’m guessing, by the higher intensity of urban light there in Tokyo, but it sure doesn’t detract from the composition.

    • It’s pretty bright on that corner – even at 10pm. The high contract look is probably partly a consequence of the hard artificial light, and partly the way it was developed. This is 400 speed film, being ‘pushed’ to 1600, and the developer seems to ‘enhance’ the contrast during that process.

  2. That´s a wise use of a “natural” lightspot 😉 I really like this kind of processing with high contrast, deep blacks and strong whites.


    • I’m pretty sure this is ‘as shot’. There is a certain film / developer / push combination that gives this result pretty much all the time. Good when it’s what you want!

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