Getting Wide

Haven’t made much of an effort to think about composition ideas yet, these are just to check out the camera and start to get a feel for it – basically shooting as i normally would, ignoring the meter and hoping for the best!

Developing a roll of 36 exposures of 35mm turned our to be much harder than i was expecting. On a roll of 20 shots i lost 7 to the rage.

3 thoughts on “Getting Wide

  1. hehehe. Great result. This format will start to get you thinking. Yes, the 35mm format kind of sucks to put on the reel. After a bit of practice I’ve got it down to loosing the first 1.5 frames and if I’m lucky a partial someone else. I need to show you a histogram of Tri-x 400 in Special soup. Different to 120.

    • I’m surprised how hard it is to get straight on to anything… but yeah, i’m happy with what came out.

      Write a blog post about the special (nameless) soup and post the histograms. Interested to see.

      The above were all done in SPD for that ‘blasted at the end of the apocalypse’ look. It would be nice to do something more subtle… Tri-X in Rodinal next me thinks!

  2. I lose so many things to the rage it’s almost funny. Almost. Ahh, but what I get back in return could be similarly described by the light in your exposures, which is pretty spot on…

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