Durable Bombs

Those cheeky types over at the New York times (bugmenot):

But if the economy is about to begin growing again, it will be from a very low level. The recession has produced declines far greater than in previous downturns over the past half-century. As a result, the economy may seem to be depressed even after growth resumes.

One area where that can be seen is shipments of durable goods produced by American companies. The rate of such shipments fell by more than 20 percent during this recession, and would have declined further were it not for increased production of weapons.

It’s almost like they don’t believe… As previously noted, what america really needs is a good old fashioned world war – it’s about the one thing that they’ve really though through and for which they are prepared!


The accompanying chart doesn’t leave you with hope that they have ‘other plans’.

One more that really just speaks for itself.


Good times, they are a coming… Keep an eye on CIT and AIG.

Wise words...

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