Summer Acros

Turned on the tap, stuck my fingers in the water… that’s not 20ºC closer to 25ºC… hmm… let the tap run for a while… getting cooler… 23ºC. <brief moment of confusion> am i suppose wait until winter before developing again? This can’t be right!

Wanted to develop two rolls of Acros today, but the tap water is just too warm for what i usually do, and my Super Prodol was even warmer than the tap water. Seeing as the development time for Acros in Super Prodol is 4m15s @ 20ºC, it’s going to be close to impossible to control at 25ºC. Rodinal has a much longer dev time (~13m @ 20ºC), but i’m going to be guessing at the time.

The only solution (haha <cough>) is a splash of Rodinal (10ml) in a litre of tap water, give it a brief shake, and then let it sit for an hour, aka ‘stand development’. Sean has tried it with good results, and Jim used to swear by it…

Guess what? It works like a charm.

My cursory look at the negatives suggests that they are as well developed as my usual efforts, and the details in the shadows might be a little pulled up. Result!

10 thoughts on “Summer Acros

  1. Tip. Put an ice cube in the water and then add the Rodinal when you are 1 degree below. Tank warmth and time should balance out the rest 🙂

    • Yep… or do what thomas did and buy a fridge / cooler thing.

      Going to have to face this eventually, as pushing Presto in Rodinal is just not going to happen… looks like i’ll have to get the ice maker in the fridge fixed.

    • Oh, go on! Elaborate. You know you want to…

      10% per degree seems to be a reasonable sounding adjustment. If Acros is 13m @ 20ºC, then 9m @ 23ºC seems like it should do the trick. I use the same time (13m) for Tri-X, so i’ll try 9m @ 23ºC when i have a couple of rolls.

      There, force used.

    • Sure it’s not some sort of setting in the NetNewsWire?

      Although, having just looked at it, it might be that you have the feed setup to only produce summaries. That will be a setting in CMS. You using WordPress? If you are, go to your Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading Settings, and make sure the feed isn’t set to output a summary.

    • Looks like you found the buttons… you’ve going to have to start up loading images in the size you want them to appear, not having them resize with html height / width attributes.

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