Alfalfa Fame!

One of my pictures on flickr got linked from a Japanese blog post about the ‘力士シール (rikishi seals) that started popping up around (East?) Tokyo last year.

In the last 24hrs it has received about 5000 10,000 hits, adding a couple of hundred ever hour. It’s not even in the main body of the post, just a comment.

Alfalfa? Never even heard of it!

Have to love that creamy, f/1.2, bokeh on the left hand  side… but let’s be honest, it’s  nothing special.

I like alfalfa… mostly in sandwiches, with a good hot, vinegary mustard.


2 thoughts on “Alfalfa Fame!

    • Yes. Soon i will be instructing the good people of Japan to form an orderly queue whilst trying to retain my services as lamppost photographer extraordinaire!

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