June Diving

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, so i did the honourable thing… and went diving!

The water has warmed through now, and it’s safe to venture out in a wetsuit. To be honest i think it was actually warm enough last month, but i didn’t have time to change my gear over. There is something really wonderful about that first wetsuit dive of the year. The feeling of the water on your skin, the lack of pressure from being squeezed by all that sealed neoprene… it’s also one less thing to worry about when dealing with buoyancy.

I’d taken the venerable 10D along with me to attempt to get some IR long exposure shots of the rocks. This seemed to have been enough to upset the balance, rendering me incapable of taking anything decent underwater.

There are a couple of underwater shots, but nothing really noteworthy. Even old sausage fingers didn’t seem to pose for the camera. There were all sorts of nudibranch around, some that i’d not seem before, which makes it all the more annoying to not get any decent pictures. The obvious answer is to find a way to take a proper camera underwater! The idea of buying a second underwater housing seems like one of the more stupid things that i could possibly consider…

After a few months off from hiking up the stairs out of おくりだし i made the effort, only to be faced with a wall of extremely cold spring water welling up after the storms earlier in the week. Made for some gorgeous.


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