Hi! China!

China is planning a vast increase in its use of wind and solar power over the next decade and believes it can match Europe by 2020, producing a fifth of its energy needs from renewable sources, a senior Chinese official said today.

— China launches green power revolution to catch up on west, The Guardian

It has long been my considered opinion that the only escape from the horrors of industrial capitalism is to remove the dependency on fossil energy. The process of so doing could save our precious civilisation (oh, i am dripping with sarcasm today…) and, potentially, have several other important knock-on effects.

The introduction of any kind of limit might engender a new attitude towards efficiency. It frustrates me no end that industrial design can live with it’s conscience when it knowing produces products that are inefficient purely to sell more… compounding the problem.

There was going to be more, but my zeal has departed.

[The  title of this post is from here – they’ve already banned me so obviously the feeling is(n’t)  mutual…]


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