Soulless Technology

flower-macro-2604I’ve been stuck around the house all week (taking time off to be ill… quality!) and consequently messing around with cameras.

That shot is 1sec at f/32 ISO100. The point being that i didn’t screw up the sensor of the 10D cleaning it with fujifilm lens solution and a cotton bud. Someone once told me that the hardness of the sensors was such that you’d have a hard time scratching it… as long as you blow the dust off first. Looks like they were right!

The problem with that shot is that it’s so … flat. Loads of detail, even though the focus is sloppy, and the light on stamens is dull, it just doesn’t do anything for me. It looks exactly like what it is – a picture of flower that i picked up off the street.

The film version, taken with the Hasselblad, on instant film, is a complete mess… no depth of field, blown highlights (probably), and no point of focus worth a mention… but i love it! It falls apart and fails so elegantly.

Maybe i should get some extension tubes for the 10D, and try the same trick with a wide angle lens… i’m not convinced it would be any better.

Update:  Guess i should make an effort… not that i had to with the film shot, which was metered by eye, scanned, and posted with no processing…

In order f/2.8, f/4, f/8, f/32, f/32 all sharpened, and exposure adjusted to the same degree.

Wise words...

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