Creeping Death of the Throat

I’ve had a case of creeping death in my throat for a week now. It was bad last Wednesday, went away so i could go diving, came back on Saturday, faded from one side of my throat, only to reappear on the other. Guess it’s clearing up now… slightly concerned that it’s going to come back for a repeat performance. Maybe it’s Swine Flu!

Feeling rather happy that i haven’t had to talk to anyone all week.

Fortunately work on features for the next product release have wrapped up, and i’ve been able to take it easier this week. However, i really need to get out and take some pictures… “things” are getting a little tight for time now. Can’t believe how much i’ve had to work so far this year, it has been pretty much flat-out for months.

Wondering if i’ve taken on too much…