May Diving

Two hours from the maddening throng of Tokyo… or, my desk in front of this infernal machine. One of those. Regardless it’s beautiful.

Feeling like a change of pace, i suggested that it’d be nice to make the swim to ブリマチ (Buri-machi, or Japanese Amberjack Town). It’s another one of the spots that’s remote enough to make it at least a little unspoiled.

So off we went on a little surface swim. Then drop down through 20m of murky water to the outcrop of rocks below. During May the water is all cloudy and teaming with life blooming in the still cold water. I don’t actually understand the cycle, but either the cold water welling up from the deep brings nutrients and the plankton bloom, or something else happens… regardless, it’s a little like swimming through a hearty miso soup.

All the fun stuff at ブリマチ happens in the deep water, and that’s where it’s starting to clear. 

Down at around 30m there were huge stretches of soft coral, running out into the gloom, as the floor slopes away steeply, the visibility was probably 20 – 30m. 

Living around the anemones are colourful little shrimps (アカホシカクレエビ), baby nudibranch, huge schools of little fish (cardinalfish, sea goldies, mackrel, etc). Really beautiful to swim over and through. It’s deep, and a long way back to shore, so the stay is all too brief…

Dive number two was much more sedate, a nice wander around 亀岩, up to クエ穴, across 一の根, and back to shore via オクリダシ (do hope you’re all following along on the map…)

Better than all of this was that my nose / ears felt really good yesterday. For the first time since late last year it was really easy to clear, and i didn’t feel like i constantly had to manage the pressure in my mask to stay comfortable. Diving with allergies / congested nose isn’t really very much fun, and it was really starting to get to me. I’d learned how to deal with it, but it just wasn’t making me happy. Hopefully that’s the end of that for this year…

Next month is going to wetsuit weather. It’s probably warm enough already (18 – 19ºC) but right now there are some nasty thermoclines of 2 – 3ºC that make it a real adventure.

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