Three Things

1. The mechanism by which general anesthetic functions is not understood. Given that millions of people undergo procedures requiring anesthesia ever year, you’d have thought someone would have bothered to work it out!

Equally interesting is that it’s not known why different regions of the brain react differently; consciousness is lost, but breathing continues…

2. ブリ (Japanese Amberjack) between 35 – 60cm is called イナダ (inada) in 関東 (kanto / tokyo), ハマチ (hamachi) in 関西 (kansai / osaka), and フクラギ (fukuragi) in 北陸 (hokuriku / kanazawa). The size limit in kansai is actually 40 – 60cm. There are two other sets of names (below 35 / 40cm, and 60 – 80cm), with only ブリ (buri ) at over 80cm, being universal.

Funny how hamachi is the only one to have made it out of japan – it must sound better in the marketing.

3. Benoît Mandelbrot did not discover the Mandelbrot Set, it’s merely named after him. Gaston Julia, and Pierre Fatou also have sets named after them. Of these three, Fatou is the one i’ve never heard of, and was probably the first to define the Mandelbrot Set!

There, wasn’t that fun?

6 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. The really scary thing about anaesthetics is that they recently discovered that a common one for colonoscopy was in fact not doing anything to make the patients feel less pain. It just wiped their short memory and made them forget they had it.

    (I’m noticing a distinct lack of the promised financial doom!)

    • Did you read the proposed mechanisms in the wikipedia page? I reckon they’ll be guessing until someone discovers the physical structures in the brain that make consciousness “happen”.

      Financial doom is getting increasingly hard to predict. It doesn’t help that one company is responsible for half of the trading, and could well be ‘on the hook’ to keep things stable… but we’ll see. The piper will have to paid eventually.

  2. another interesting fact for you:-
    The cake on the front of the Rolling Stones album ‘Let It Bleed’ was baked by a young Delia Smith.
    Suddenly Delia is cool!!!

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