Although it’s years since i had decent pizza in London (can’t say the same about Valetta, or Rome…) it’s one of those foods that i can seem to shake craving. The other is mexican… oh, how i hate to admit that i miss Californian mexican!

Recently we’ve been going to a place called Pizzeria Tonino in 下高井戸  that has been sating my cravings. Yesterday we had a siciliana, that didn’t have any cheese on it, and consequently had a really crisp crunch to the base.

Very hard to beat sitting outside in the spring sunshine, watching the trams going by, drinking cold beer, and scoffing pizza.

Now if only we could find a decent mexican place…


One thought on “Pizza!

  1. You sir are, of course, correct, in so many ways (Californian Mexican- especially in the Mission- haunts me to this day). But Pizza!- beyond being delicious and social stimulus- is Good For You! (sorry about all the exclamation marks!) So eat more. And one day soon, I too will know its unconditional love.

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