Optimistic’ed to Oblivion

Good read in Climate Progress on Nature’s latest set of climate change articles

For a long time the vast majority of climate scientists never modeled the impacts of high CO2 concentrations because they assumed humanity would never be so self-destructive as to allow them to occur.

Time to move to higher ground…

There are a lot more people saying that 2ºC almost automatically leads to 5ºC (due to feedbacks involving tundra, albedo, methane clathrates, etc.) and 2ºC is now all but inevitable. The weasel words “all but” are the same ones that have allowed the inaction to go on for decades. It’s hard to image the world ‘hitting the brakes hard‘ for all the same reasons.

The graph referenced in the Climate Progress piece is indeed very nice… but the commentary is telling. The article notes that it is good because it comes from peer-reviewed articles. Which tells you that the real battle is still convincing people that we need to act. Sticks to beat the anti-science brigade.

It’s interesting to see the interaction point with the economy. At a time where we need to cut energy use (good correlation to both emissions and economic growth) by something like 80%, a relatively minor drop, say 5%, in the growth rate of world economy gives us an idea of the whirlwind we shall reap.

Growth at any cost…


Wise words...

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