My first slide film came back from Horiuchi Color yesterday. There is a lot of mystique surrounding shooting reversal / positive film – it has a very small latitude for mistakes. If you don’t get the exposure spot on (within a quarter of a spot on the updside, i’d guess) you’re going to blow it out, or end up with really dull colours. But, when you get it right… wow! Just holding a sheet of negatives up to the light is quite the experience. Each frame is like a little jewel. Astonishingly beautiful.

I’ve been shooting with a bunch of extension tubes / close-up filter combinations, just trying to get a feel for them. The obvious things to shoot are flowers / nature stuff. However, the actual project that i have mind is somewhat different… all water under the bridge. It’s also cherry blossom season (this last week) so the temptation is always there to pop out and “give it a go”. Flickr is awash with sakura cliches, and it takes some self control not to add to the morass. The last couple of years i’ve been trying to limit myself to one…

Anyway, slide film. Yes. That was fun.


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