For what can only really be described as ‘complicated reasons’ i’ve recently won a ‘South African Photography Blog of the Year’ award. You might not want to think about how someone living in Japan, who has never set foot on the continent of Africa, ends up with such an award – it’ll make your head hurt!

Still, without trying to account for this strangeness, i’m really quite honoured to have won such a beast. In several ways it’s actually quite appropriate that it’s possible to win something internet related for a project that, by it’s very nature, is really only possible because of the internet. Two people, who have never met (Ohhhh! Ahhhh!), living on different continents, end up collaborating on a project, that has been running for three years, is un-promoted, and yet has grown to have a loyal following, attracting thousands of daily visitors… a new medium, making new kinds of collaboration possible. How terrible that sounds to this jaded hater, but there it is…

You might have noticed that i’ve not actually given the URL of this project, or mentioned it’s name… this is somewhat related to the ‘un-promoted’ part above, but is also the nature of the project. I’m sure you’ll find it if you decide to look. And that’s kind of the point.

Creatively i’m very much the junior partner, yes, i take all the photographs, but the selection / editing / writing is all Iain. Which is a way of saying that i feel that we both won the award… and maybe also that it isn’t all my fault!

Dear People of South Africa,

I am available for weddings, funerals (especially funerals), consecrations, desecrations, rites of passage, and sundry local functions.

Standard terms and rider required. Payment due in advance.

Best Regards

South African Photography Blogger of the Year 2009

There, that should do it. I hope i can cope with the volume of work…


7 thoughts on “Awards

    • Could i enquire as to the denomination of the service… some of my principles are more expensive than others.

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