Something to Chew on

1238409599_nom_nomI’ve not had much to say recently; been busy at work, and happily reading Roger Penrose’s Shadows of the mind.

As an aside, it turns out that reading is one of the most effect ways of reducing stress and dealing with depression. Even reading for as little as ten minutes reduces stress levels by something like 65%. What is most amazing about that is that it has been my treatment of choice since i was a child. How do people who don’t read cope?

The G20 meeting in London has bought into sharp focus the problems that massive trade balances have created in the countries of the world. “Producer country” and “Consumer country” … how did anyone ever really fall for that? It’s obvious now: you can’t go on spending if you aren’t making any money. The whole ‘service economy’ thing was a lie, the main purpose of which was to destroy the political power of the unions, and transfer money to the already rich. I’d say it worked pretty well… up until now.

With world trade volumes (goods and services) slated to fall at a rate of 6% this year (double it and you might be getting close to the truth?) and US unemployment likely to reach 10 million, where exactly is the perpetually mentioned “recovery in the second half” going to come from? If you answered, “out of my arse!” you might need to assume the position – you’re the great white hope!


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