Correcting Perspective Distortion

The Hasselblad page for my new lens talks about it being ‘extremely well balanced’ and therefore ‘ideal for digital applications’… Despite not really understanding what that means, i thought it might be fun to try to correct for some serious perspective distortion in software and see what happens.

My weapon of choice is PTLens (because i happen to have an evaluation copy of it sitting around, and sort of understand how it works). Below are some before and after shots:


The perspective distortion is pretty obvious; the pillar on the right is leaning in at an alarming angle. Straightening is up just a slider push away:


Obviously you lose a fair amount of the shot, but it does appear to fix things up quite nicely. You’d certainly have to plan in advance, to make sure that the framing would allow this kind of manipulation.

As you might hope, the lens doesn’t really show any barrel / pin cushion distortion, and it’s only perspective distortion (by virtue of the thing being so wide) that you have to worry about.


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