Project E-6

Yes, that’s right i’m going to start a boy band. Based out of East Ham, London. It’s going to be great.

– or –

This spring / summer i’m going to get set up to develop slides using the E-6 process. Doing b&w development when it’s 30-some degrees doesn’t sound like it’s going to be that easy / fun… although it might be a nice challenge. The temperatures that you need for b&w are in the 20ºC range, which is easier to warm up to, rather than cool down to. E-6 on the other hand requires temperatures of 38ºC – hard to maintain during the winter, but surely easy in summer.

My plan is to get myself a fish tank submersible heater that can manage that sort of temperature (if there isn’t one, i bet there is a specialised version for photography), and dump it in a polystyrene box. It’s probably best to do the development actually in the bath, so that temperature doesn’t drop. That’s kind of a pain with a tank that you have to pick up to agitate. My father used to have a black plastic tank with red lines (like an L lens!), with a little stick that was used for agitation. That’d be much easier. I bet this is a ‘Paterson’ brand tank.

That’s not so bad – a submersible heater, and a new tank… should be cheap. And think of the fun i can have with all those chemicals!

Which leads to the next question: anyone know where to by a 3 chemical E-6 kit in Japan? Online?

Update: there is kit made by Tetenal, that is available in Japan. 6000 yen for a one litre kit that will do 12 rolls of 135 (so, er, 8 rolls of 120?)… hmm, it’s not that cheap. Good job i’m going to be doing it for the fun of it 🙂