In a blog post about an article on being downwardly mobile in america, this says it all really:

Saddest line in the story: “Even though she has parted ways with some friends because she is no longer in their social stratum … ” I’ll have to get a new dictionary. The one I have seems to have an obsolete definition of the word “friend.”

It was only yesterday that i was trying to express how odd it had been trying to have a social life in america… this says more than i ever could. My feeling is that the psychology behind this is quite simple – it’s disturbing to have to deal with friends who have fallen on hard times, so everyone accepts that they just disappear…

The Tubes

Taken with a 31mm extension tube on the Distagon 40mm, 15s exposure @ f/22, Neopan Acros 100. Not very easy to work with – see earlier post for a discussion of the field of focus, etc.