The Quick Road To Global Insurgency

Ah, it just warms the cockles of your heart:

The summer of 2009 will see protests in the ‘West’ as the newly financially destitute vent their anger at both the incompetence (unable to anticipate events or formulate plans that work) and corruption (due to looting of government coffers by firms like AIG, RBS, an Citibank) of their respective governments. 

In my darkest hours, i guess i don’t find the prospect all that unreasonable… but at the same time, it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing for which anyone would / should be wishing.

Sign me up for wanting to see the currently system of global domination by corporations brought to an end… but despite all my cynicism about how unlikely it is that the kleptocracies will police themselves, i’d still rather see them bought to heel by a few enlightened leaders applying the rule of law.

Who’s the irrationally optimistic one now, eh?


Wise words...

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