Since the start of the year my work schedule has been changed such that i’m much more tied to my desk for a set period of hours. This has resulted in my swimming time slowly getting squeezed out of my daily routine. For the last two weeks i’ve not swum at all. The end result has been mental mayhem.

Today i went back to the pool. Two weeks is a long time. The first ten minutes of swimming were really rough. In the end i toughed it out for thirty minutes and feel much better for it.

Now of course i have to build the routine, and my level of fitness, back up… time to stop smoking tabs and sniffing glue i guess.


2 thoughts on “Condition

    • Indeed. This is the first time i’ve really let it drop, so hopefully it won’t be too hard. Feeling much more sane already. Even the walk to the pool does me good 🙂

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