Push! pt. II

Following up on the previous entry. Having scanned some of those pushed negatives. Here are two of the same scene, one lighter:

one darker:

These are taken with Sean’s 50mm Distagon. As you can see in the second shot, it’s brutally sharp out to the corners, and there is zero perspective distortion.

Looking at the grain in these, i’d have to say that neopan pushes to 1600 extremely well. Even up in the top left corner, where the platform camera is obviously over exposed, it hasn’t blown out in a nasty way at all. Given these results, i’m wondering if it might be possible to get to 3200… worth a go i guess.

For my records, these are 1/30s @ f/4, ISO 400 pushed to 1600, 9mins in Super Prodol @ 20ºC