Developed four rolls of Neopan this morning. For the first time i’ve pushed Presto 400 to 1600. With Super Prodol (a push processor) this isn’t that painful – only 9 mins at 20ºC. As far as i can tell from the negatives it’s worked out pretty well… no obvious grain, looking well exposed, and good contrast. Happiness.

My working developer was looking distinctly grimy – so i dumped it and let down a new batch from the stock solution. This system seems to working quite well, and i’m getting lots of good processing out of a batch of chemicals. A few rolls ago i was thinking that my fix was starting to get used up, but it turned out that i just wasn’t remembering the time. Just so you know, you can’t fix in 2mins… well, actually you can but the negatives will stay a little purple / blue. Ooops.

Don’t know how long these ‘salad days’ of developing are going to last, but i’m still really enjoying it. Haven’t found myself looking at second hand digital backs on ebay…

Wanna Buy a Castle?

600x450i111729120Quite why my wife found this i don’t want to think about too much… but this castle is for sale in Aichi prefecture.

Used to be a love hotel, but didn’t pay it’s local taxes… so now it’s being sold by the prefecture… on Yahoo! Auction.

Why do these things even surprise me anymore?