Reinhardt and the Week Ahead

A few of the darker corners of the internet are a buzz with the news that Reinhardt has disappeared. It’d take too long to explain the background, but this is some crank who has predicted many of the recent market upheavals, with enough accuracy to make people nervous. 

The timing is ominous as he has predicted two market events in the week ahead; the first of which, on the 9th, will trigger synthetic CDOs to default, returning huge amounts of money to the banks, leading to the second, on the 13th, the beginning of a multi-month decline of the stock markets (dow down to 3k by April…)

The “logic” behind his predictions is always torturous, to say the least, but there is very little dispute that four of his six predictions have so far come to pass. 

I’m sure you’ll be able to find no end of further reading if you so wish, and will probably find it disturbingly conspiratorial. However, that’s not why i’m posting this: back in the middle of last year when i first heard about this guy, i dismissed it as a typical internet scam / crank – who can ever expect to spot the gem in the sea of crap that is the ‘net? This time i want to see if his final predictions come to pass. If they do… it’ll be small consolation, and if they don’t… frankly, i’ll just be relieved.