Seeing in Colour

Don’t know how it happened, but for some reason my interest in colour has waned. Obviously it’s harder to get right than black and white, but there is also the practical part of this; that as i can’t / don’t develop my own colour stuff it’s harder to get as enthused about it anymore.


Still glad that i took colour film to Izu at the end of last year – those pictures of Mt. Fuji in the late afternoon light just wouldn’t have worked in b&w… or maybe they would, but i’d have to be much more skilled to realise them. How contradictory.

3 thoughts on “Seeing in Colour

  1. I actually prefer the colour shots over the b/w, in most part. Compositionally, the cleanness of monochrome is valuable, but colour’s where the heart of the image is.

    • i tend to find it distracting… but then i’m more interested in form at the moment. shapes and patterns of light are loud…

      as mentioned above this is also a lot to do with being in love with process of development. which is ‘sinful’, i’ve railed against process over product more than enough times to know that i should be ashamed of myself… but there it goes. weakness 🙂

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