Super Contrast

This is a shot taken with SFX 200, without an IR filter, 1/250s @f/4, late in the afternoon… less than an hour before sunset. I actually checked the exposure of this one with the G9, and it was spot on.

As you can see, it’s really high contrast. Althoug looking at the negative it’s obvious that there is a lot of detail in tree branches. For the sections that are in sharp focus it’s possible to make out all the little “scales” of the pine bark.

If this film wasn’t so hard to find, and expensive to boot, it’d be fun to shoot for day time street stuff. Lots and lots of contrast with no real effort at all. As it is, it’s hard to find, expensive, and probably a bit over the top! Every day would be a Moriyama Daido day… and who needs that? Besides, the whole point is that it’s extended sensitivity, so shooting it without an IR filter seems a little… daft.

The interesting comparison will be PanF developed in Rodinal. Another Ilford film, but very slow (ISO 50) and supposedly low contrast. Should be a good way to work out if it’s the Rodinal or the film that results in all this contrast.

2 thoughts on “Super Contrast

  1. Hehe. It’s a little more subtle than it looks on screen here… think i’m going to try to print it. Just another step on the road to …

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