Ilford SFX 200

Took the day off work yesterday and went out with Masumi for some sea air. Seemed like the perfect chance to try shooting some of the Ilford SFX 200 (Extended red sensitivity / b&w infra-red) film that Kevin bought me from England. 

It is both easier and harder than digital IR. The exposure is much easier, it’s basically ISO 200 film, with 3 stops of compensation for the R72 filter. The sun wasn’t really strong enough to get much of an IR effect yesterday, but it’s certainly there in some of the shots. The difficult part is keeping things level and remembering to compensate for the focus difference between visible and infra-red. I guess more than anything a tripod becomes essential. Shame i didn’t have one.

The other wild thing is that grain is outrageous if you shoot 1sec @ f/22. (See shot above taken from the far end of Enoshima) Would be interesting to try longer exposures and see what happens.

Fun stuff. Will post more shots later… have a bit of a backlog of stuff at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Ilford SFX 200

  1. opposite the pound shop y’mean? maybe it just looks different in black and white, maybe that’s it.

  2. Actually… when i was there… could have sworn the place was in black and white. Maybe i’d had a few…

  3. i’ve been making a valiant effort to keep them off the floor for the last couple of rolls… so far, so good 😉

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