Alles Wieder Offen

Am i the only one that thinks this is the best thing that Neubauten has released in years?


3 thoughts on “Alles Wieder Offen

  1. um, probably you are. not that it’s bad by any means but it has some definite slumps in it i think. for my money it doesn’t really stand out. i think most of their recent output has been similar, some tracks are crackers and some forgettables. there’s a GREAT coPILation to be made from the highlights. i think maybe the best thing about Alles Wieder Offen is probbaly that it’s got a lot less english vocals on it. what did you think of The Jewels?

  2. Hadn’t noticed The Jewels. Will get it and have a listen…

    I’m sort of used to the idea that they aren’t going to record another ‘Armenia’ (probably my favourite EN track… probably) but some of the things on Alles Wieder Offen we pleasant enough to make me forget that they should have downed tools a decade ago.

    That being said, i’m now a regular listener to die hamletmaschine, so what do i know?

  3. Hmm. The jewels seems a little fragmentary to me… not surprising i suppose. No bad, but didn’t enjoy it as much as Alles Wieder Offen.

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