Alright, this is starting to piss me off…

This Blogger thing is a pile of shite. It would probably be best if i moved somewhere else before killing someone. <sigh> Can it really be this hard?

– Comment posting is completely hit and miss, sometimes they are accepted, sometimes not. Half the time the little image (captcha things) aren’t displayed, and it just eats whatever you’ve written.
– Google seem determined to sign me in even if i try to sign out… er, no thanks me thinks. I don’t want to be signed in, which is why i signed out… and WTF are you signing me into the entire hive mind just because i signed into a blog? Hmm. “Don’t be stupid”, might have been a better goal… but probably no more achievable.

WordPress has been recommended. Wonder what will piss me off there? Next time i have some free time i’ll move things over and / or start again.

8 thoughts on “Blogger

  1. You should be able to effortlessly import your entries from here into WP. It’s very geeky so I’m guessing WP will please you rather than frustrate you.

  2. Ah – good. Glad its not just me who’s suffering. I put it down to my basic luddism and regarded it as further evidence of my contention that everything new works less successfully than the thing it replaces. I shall now have two goes at posting this…

    ah – “your request could not be posted. please try again”. surprise…

  3. orange becomes you dear.

    not sold on the whole ‘give us your email every time you wish to comment’ thing.

    not sure i can be arsed to change. although of course this also means no one will be commenting on my blog. o what’s the fucking point…?

  4. I’m absolutely convinced there is no point… but the Google / Blogger thing was just really pissing me off. I spend too much time in front of a screen to be able to ignore the things that get to me. So here we are 🙂

    The move is very simple, even if it does take a few minutes to work out where all the buttons are… couple of minutes to get something up and running.

  5. too busy to be bothered at the moment doing bastard commentary for my bastard fiction and history coursework.

    i’ll THINK about it at a later date.

    one question. you CHOSE the orange?

  6. No, i just picked the darkest looking theme without really paying attention.

    Now, you be a good boy and do you homework!

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