Alcohol is Your Yoga Baby

Never really was a Love & Rockets fan back when they were releasing stuff. It always felt like it it was written for a completely different (LA) audience; it passed right by me.

Recently i’ve been getting caught on their hooks. Perhaps it’s something that really does work visually as much as in sound. The great big slabs of feedback really are quite lovely… and the mix of it being playful and sinister sort of works for me now. I suspect the playfulness would have just annoyed me twenty yeas ago.


2 thoughts on “Alcohol is Your Yoga Baby

  1. Never seen the video before, but the track has a nostalgic familiarity. I allowed myself a foray into LAR at the start of the 90s. Listening to them after the previous years of breathing in Bauhaus always felt slightly wrong, like there was an uncomfortable compromise being made, but their albums were always good, taken on their own cheerful terms. But usually played through the tin-can speakers that bounced around on the back seat of the wheeled skip that was my old open-top Triumph, so the lack of depth or sonic quality never really mattered…

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