Yes, this is about food.

The whys and wherefores of this particular culinary experiment are lost in time. One day i decided to make a Thai green curry and eat it with linguine instead of rice. This practice went on for several years, and was gradually refined, and enhanced in various ways. A few weeks ago I stumbled on a page (Brett, the site is down…) that suggested substituting soymilk for coconut milk. The end result of which is a much lighter, and less cloying curry. It was at this point that the name ‘thaibonara’ popped into my head, probably because the soymilk is less… greasy, and consequently closer to how i remember carbonara.

There we have it, Thai green curry + soymilk + linguine = thaibonara.

To make…

– linguine
– thai green curry paste (home made or from a pot)
– soy milk or coconut milk (or both i suppose)
– fish sauce
– stuff like aubergine, straw mushrooms, bamboo, etc
– extra chillis
– slices of fresh ginger

Basically make a curry with what you have, cook the pasta, combine in the curry at the end, eat, and sit around feeling stoned for a while from all those chillis.


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