Buck Style

At the end of last year, on xmas eve i think, i got a charming mail from a magazine called ‘Buck Style‘ (no sniggering at the back please) asking me if i would be interesting in doing some (unpaid) work for them. They are doing a Tokyo issue, had seen my portrait shots on Flickr, and wanted me to shoot someone called ‘goth-trad‘…

Being me, i pussied out of it, and put them in touch with Sean, who is just must more competent / accomplished at working with people. If i’d had to do something like that as my first assignment, it’s more than possible that i’d get to the end of the process without a single usable shot… it’s also possible i might have had to take pictures from a slowly forming puddle of urine.

My idea of a perfect photoshoot would be hanging out around / with a bunch of interesting people for a day and working with them to get something different / unique. The idea of being given a slot of time and having to make something happen just terrifies me.

4 thoughts on “Buck Style

  1. As a trad-goth, I’m surprised you turned down the chance to photograph goth-trad.

    Srsly, I’m sure you would have been fine.

  2. You know, i think you’re right… i’d have got through it. It really all about it being the right time to take the plunge. One day 🙂

  3. You underestimate yourself, of course. Besides, I mean no offence to the chap, but judging by his music and the photos, I get the distinct impression that any puddles of urine that might have resulted would have pooled at the bottom of his trouser legs, not yours.

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