Of course it never makes sense. The rational for the evoked emotion is always just out of reach… we can try to grasp at it, but it shifts and shimmers…

For a lot of people that picture would be a failure; it’s badly exposed, has a light leak (don’t load film on a train when drunk!), and doesn’t really have a point of interest / focus. But who cares! For me it’s a new source of inspiration, another theme to try to develop, another angle on feeling outside of the everyday reality looking in. As such it thrills me. That sort of thing…


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. This is rather closer to the sort of stuff I was getting with the Lomo, down to the sickly greens of the artificial light.

  2. The green is mostly because it’s underexposed… i think. All these different film behave differently in different light conditions. Lots to learn.

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