We Are Family

Taiko (kodo, etc) has always bought me to the verge of tears. Watching people get all blissed out drumming just seems to pull at something inside of me… it doesn’t even have to be particularly accomplished – the kids at the local summer festival make me glad to be wearing sunglasses and standing the corner.

I figured this was as bad as it could get. I mean, we’re all allowed our little quirks… but then a few months ago, while i was dealing with a bout of anti-mania, the song ‘we are family’ by sister sledge happened into my dopamine deprived mind… or did i stumble on a link to it somewhere… it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that i found myself in front youtube with tears rolling down my face listening to ‘we are family’.

Damn, they’re sexy.


5 thoughts on “We Are Family

  1. WOW! Straight out of left field, and right between the nads. I have to admit that I never saw this one coming…

    Still, the human heart-strings are odd things, and we’re all a little differently strung. I, for all my disinterest in things “child”, found my throat lumping and lip flubbing the other evening while watching a deliberately, nay, calculatedly charming japanese tv programme, in which wide-eyed and precocious primary school children were set practical, mundane but adult tasks around their local area (“go to shops, buy can of coffee for dead grandpa’s shrine, call in and pick up cleaning, etc), and then followed by a camera crew and filmed in an entirly non-invasive way, going about their challenge. Oh, I’m not proud… It turns out I have a previously unrecognised admiration and empathy for bright and independent kids. So I guess its just the lazy, stupid ones Ive been disliking all these years? Along with their parents.

  2. Incidentally, since we’re talking late 70s – early 80s dance music, it’s Donna Summer’s I Feel Love that does it for me…

    Yes, Mason, the cliche. It’s there. I’ve come to terms with it.

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